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Know the iPad price in Sri Lanka and Why You should buy one

iPad is one of the most premium and expensive electronic devices. It’s an Apple product that is popular for its unique and sleek design. iPad is also popular for its performance. In our regular life, many of us depend on iPads. We handle many things with iPad.

Especially in western countries, people love using iPads.

Adults use iPads for their office work. Teenagers and kids use iPads for their school homework and entertainment. So, it’s all in one. It won’t be a bold statement if I say “iPad is an all-rounder device.”

As we all know iPad was first introduced to us in the year 2010. If I say more specifically, it was launched on April 3, 2010. Since that day iPad has become our Apple of the eye. Especially for those who are invested in technology and modern devices.

But as you know iPad is not totally immune from any damage. Like other electronic devices iPad has also got some cons. People often get confused when it comes to buying iPad or any electronic devices. Because there is some misleading information out there.

Well, It’s the era of the internet, what can we say?

So, that’s why we’re preparing this guide for those who want to buy an iPad here in Sri Lanka and want to know the exact iPad price in Sri Lanka. As one of the largest Apple wholesaler and retailer companies. It’s our duty to help people to know everything about Apple iPad products and it’s pricing.

You can consider this an ultimate guide. We’ll cover everything in this piece of content, you’ll get every detail about the iPad.

From iPad price in Sri Lanka to pros and cons we’ll cover everything. As I have said earlier it is an ultimate guide for those who want to buy an iPad. So, if you’re looking to buy an Apple iPad and want to know iPad price in Sri Lanka, you can consider these reasons.

iPad Specs

When deciding to buy any electronic device, especially mobile devices we judge them over their specification. But if you don’t know about Apple iPad or you haven’t used it before. Then you can get confused.

Because judging iPads over specification is foolishness. Why I’m saying that?

Let’s assume you’re comparing a Xiaomi tablet and an iPad. That Xiaomi tablet has 8 GB ram and on the other hand, our iPad has just 2GB ram. It’s obvious that any ordinary person who doesn’t have that much knowledge in tech will go for the Xiaomi tablet.

Because it has “more ram”!

Well, for your information that 2 GB ram will provide you with 5 times better performance than 8GB.

iPads sleek design

This is one of the reasons which makes the iPad different from all the other tablets. Many people buy iPad just for this particular reason. So, which is that?

It’s because of its unique and sleek design.

When you touch an iPad, you’ll feel its exclusiveness and premium vibe of it. You’ll get an addiction to it and it’ll lead you to buy an iPad. So, if you’re one of those people who love premium and unique design gadgets, then this reason is enough for you to buy an iPad.

Performance of An iPad

Well, we all know how good is Apple devices when it comes to performance. They have the ability and potential to give you the lifetime support. In comparison to other devices iPad is promising in the matter of performance.

You’ll get top-notch performance from this Apple device. Whether it comes to office work, entertainment, or gaming. Many tech lovers go for iPad just for this particular reason. And highly recommend and support people to choose any device over performance. Because at the end of the day that’s what matters.

Warranty and Support

I think this is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of Apple products. Its warranty and support center is amazing. Apple provides an amazing warranty on iPad devices. You’ll get a warm welcome when visiting an Apple support center. Whether it’s a repairing issue or replacement you’ll get the best assistance.

If you’re a picky person, then Apple iPad is the right choice for you. Because if any problem occurs, you’ll get the best hospitality from their support center.

Pros and cons

Still not convinced? then these pros and cons might help you to decide.


  • It’s portability
  • Lots of app selection options
  • Easy to use
  • Great for gaming
  • Great piece of entertainment (Apple TV)
  • Assistance of SIRI
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • iPad is pretty bulky
  • iPad accessories is expensive
  • Some apps may not work
  • Limited storage (No option to add more space)
  • Its repair cost is a little high

So, is it worth buying an iPad?

Well, this is a tricky question. Mostly it depends on you and your taste. Especially how you want to use it, what’s your purpose. If your pretty good amount of money and want an exotic device. Then iPad is the right choice for you.

It’s not really budget-friendly.

If you have a lower budget then iPad is not for you. Because the latest iPads will cost you over $500. To be honest, budget is the main issue when it comes to buying an iPad. So, if you have the money and want to get a premium device. I would recommend please go for an iPad.

If you’re still on this page then I think you’re convinced and want to buy an Apple iPad. So, Where to get an iPad in Sri Lanka? And what is the iPad price in Sri Lanka?

Well, Apple products are pretty famous here in Sri Lanka. People love to buy Apple products whether new or refurbished.

There are lots of Apple wholesalers in Sri Lanka. They deal in a wide range of Apple products. And day by day many businesses are starting to sell just Apple products. They’re not focusing on other brands. In short, you’ll find lots of¬† Apple stores in Sri Lanka to buy an iPad. But the problem is which one is the perfect store?

Because there is a pricing issue. Many stores have increased their price due to our current situation. That’s okay but most of the products are overpriced which is not really good. Because everyone’s budget is not the same. That’s why we LuxuryX always keep in mind a customer’s budget. If they don’t have the budget how can we sell?

So, if you live near Colombo or inside then we can be the best option for buying an iPad.

Why Choose LuxuryX for buying an iPad in Sri Lanka?

LuxuryX is one of the largest Apple products stores in Sri Lanka. We do wholesale and retail both. We’re based in heart of the country. Our store is in Colombo. It’s been almost a decade since we’re in the business. Every year we sell thousands of iPhones and iPad across the country.

We have earned the trust of our beloved customers and dealers through our services and scheme. LuxuryX is known for its pricing. As I have mentioned earlier in that we’re honest with our pricing.

Our phone price in Sri Lanka is affordable and better than other Apple stores.

Being the biggest Apple store we always try to give the best iPad price in Sri Lanka. Our price match guarantee is different and promised. So, you can trust us with that. Our iPad price in Sri Lanka is affordable.

You can buy a new iPad or get a refurbished one. We have both options available for you. I can assure you that you’ll get the best iPad price in Sri Lanka from us. Our products quality is also better than any other store.

So, if you want to buy an iPad and you live in Colombo then please give us a visit. You’ll get the ultimate deal you have been looking for. And Only we can give you that kind of deal.

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