iPhone 14 Pro

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If you want more new functions and more performance, you have to use the two Pro models, which cost at least just under lots of LKR.

Apple has, for the very first time, placed a primary camera lens that has a resolution of 48 megapixels. In order to produce photographs with a 12 MP resolution and bigger pixels, the Cupertino-based manufacturer uses pixel binning. Because pixels of bigger size are able to take in more light, the image quality is improved even when there is less light available.

 If you want, you can also use the full resolution of 48 megapixels in ProRAW format. However, images can quickly become over 100 megabytes in size, requiring a lot of storage space. In addition, this mode is not suitable for a snapshot since the iPhone 14 Pro needs time to process the image.

However, 48 MP resolution cannot be used with the ultra-wide-angle lens. Compared to the predecessor, the photos are a bit sharper and offer more details, but almost only in low-light conditions. The colors look a little cooler.

The 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have a rear camera and an LTPO OLED display with refresh rates from 1 to 120 Hz.

An always-on display, although one with lower refresh rates and less brightness, has finally made its way to an iPhone. Below the clock, you are able to display any number of widgets, up to a maximum of four. The lack of a notch is another intriguing aspect of its design. Instead, the Pro models feature a cutaway in the shape of a pill that is referred to as the “Dynamic Island.” The display of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which was released in 2019, also had a depression in the shape of a pill.

The way Apple sees it, the pill can be made bigger on the software side, for example, to show the download progress bar. In the test, however, it happened that the border was too bright in sunlight so that you could see where the front camera is located. The selfie camera and Face ID sensors should actually disappear into a black bar.

Battery life: Only the iPhone 14 Pro lasts a day

If you use 4K videos, action mode, and take a lot of photos, you have to charge it after around five hours. Apple doesn’t include a power adapter, so you’ll have to buy your own power adapter. 

You can charge with a maximum of 15 watts. You can recharge wirelessly with 7.5 watts via the Qi charging station and with 15 watts via the Apple Magsafe. According to the star in a brief analysis, only the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max offers a battery life of almost two days.

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