MacBook Pro 13-inch m1 8gb 256gb

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specs of macbook pro 13-inch m1 8gb 256gb price - apple


Rs400,000 Rs415,000

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 8gb 256gb price in Sri Lanka (LuxuryX)

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Details / Specifications about macbook pro 13-inch m1 8gb 256gb price. (macbook pro price in sri lanka)

Released Year 2020 – Late
Manufacturers parts number MYD82
Product Market name macbook pro 13-inch m1 8gb 256gb
RAM (random access memory) 8GB
Storage SSD 256GB
Processor Apple M1 chip (from apple inc)
CPU core 8-core CPU
GPU core 8-core GPU
Neural Engine 16-core
Display quality retina display
Display size 13-inch
Keyboard Type apple magic keyboard
keyboard country layout US layout
TrackPad Force touch track pad
Ports thunderbolt or USB 4 ports
Number of ports 2
Touch Bar & Touch ID available

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Rifdhy Faizer
Rifdhy Faizer
14. January, 2022.
Hiruni Bandara
Hiruni Bandara
13. January, 2022.
Bought a MacBook Air yesterday. LuxuryX is one of best place to buy apple products, and also the customer service is superb. Highly recommend for anyone looking to buy genuine apple products for a reasonable price. Thank you LuxuryX❤️
7. January, 2022.
Recommended 🤗 Thank You so much LuxuryX . I received my ipad pro 12.9 🔥 Thankz for the fast delivery and friendly communication .
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shamal dissanayake
4. January, 2022.
Good place to buy brand new phones, good price and friendly service, thank u LUXURY X
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Livie Yoon
2. January, 2022.
I bought a MacBook last month and it was cheaper than any other shops. The customer service is also superb. So nice and friendly. THE BESTEST place to buy apple products and accessories. Highly recommended
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Muhammed Aabith
30. December, 2021.
Get the best products from the best place. Highly recommended.
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Chamari Hettiarachchi
28. December, 2021.
lakshitha kaushalya (Laka)
lakshitha kaushalya (Laka)
28. December, 2021.
Thankyou so much for the better service ! This is lot to me. highly recommended your service and fast delivery service too. Highly appreciated! again thankyou so much!
Mohammed Fahd
Mohammed Fahd
16. December, 2021.
I gave a pre-order of an apple ipad pro and recieved the product promptly. These people really gives some of the best rates for Apple product aswell pre order on the rare storage models. Plus they charged only 5k for the pre-order not like other places where they will need atleast 50% of the product payment. I will always recommend this places to buy apple products because these people really want to give some of the best rates for the customer without forgery. Some of the things to improve in the store. The store is currently messed up with products here and there. Make the environment clean and neat with all the products arranged properly it will definitely give the customers a attractiveness to trust the store in the first place. Secoundly give prompt replies to ur customers. Before a customer calls and asks regarding the delay of the product, be the first one to call and inform the customer or at least drop a msg or email regarding the delay and whats the reason behind it. It will improve the overall business and give more business which will help in the long run. Cheers! 👍


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