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Buy iPhone 11 for best price in Sri Lanka

The best price for iPhone 11 in Sri Lanka is Rs. 189,000.00, Prices are subject to change every day therefore kindly call our hotline or showroom to get the latest price updates. LuxuryX is one of the largest wholesalers and retailers of apple iPhones (including iPhone 11) within the Sri Lanka region. Therefore we provide the best iPhone price in Sri Lanka.

Why iPhone 11 prices are different in different stores in Sri Lanka

Simply there is no government regulatory price for iphone 11 price within the country. Therefore every outlets sell at their own pricing, just adding their desire profit plus cost.

Moreover, Some version of iPhone 11 are cheaper in international markets such as Japan (J/A), India (HN/A), USA (LL/A). These models are only manufactured for above countries for specific reasons. Further international versions (eg: singapore version of iphone 11) are selling at higher price within Sri Lanka, since international versions are eligible to claim warranty within Asian region including Sri Lanka.

Will iPhone 11 cheaper in foreign countries

The answer is probably no. Because apple resellers can get better price (dealer price) than retail iphone 11 price when they continuously order bulk quantities from manufacturer. Further sellers like LuxuryX provides one year warranty services which may not be obtained when they buy from overseas.

How to identify if iphone 11 is original or refurbished

Step one : Open “Settings”app on iphone 11 and go to “general”, then go to “about”. look for part number or model of the device. This will looks similar like “MHDH3ZP/A”. First letter will inform you if iphone 11 is new or refurbished.
step two : You can find from backside of apple box. it mentioned as “part number”

  • M : Brand New Device  (Device purchased as new)
  • F : Refurbished by apple. Meaning, this device is refurbished by apple
  • N : Replacement device by apple. Apple sometime provides replacement unit for customer when customer ask warranty replacement.
  • P : Personalised by apple
  • 3 : Demo unit by apple. Apple provides demo devices to apple showroom for display purposes.

What is the meaning of TRCSL approved iphone 11

A organisation called Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) provides approval / licence for each mobile vendors (seller) to import and sell iphone 11 within Sri Lanka. If seller has fulfilled the requirement, then they can obtain TRCSL approved tag from TRCSL.

What is Genxt / Abans / Seller Warranty in iPhone 11

All Genuine iphone 11 has one year apple care manufacturer warranty. Genxt, Future world lanka, Abans are one of the authorised service providers for iphone 11 in Sri Lanka. These service provides will only provide service for A2221 model of iphone 11. If these service providers are responsible for apple warranty, then “name of the service provider warranty” term is used. If seller is responsible for warranty, then “seller warranty” term is used.

However, Apple only provide “one year apple care warranty”. But the matter is where will you claim the warranty in Sri Lanka? Therefore we prefer you to check with LuxuryX showroom before you take next purchasing movements.
Mainly, You have to check device warranty before buying the device. you can check through Make sure the device warranty is activated correctly.

Which version of iphone 11 is best

iPhone 11 has released with 3 model numbers, that is A2221, A2111 and A2223.
A2111 is only available for sale in Canada, United States. A2223 model is only available for sale in China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao. Whereas A2221 is international version.

The only difference between these 3 models are “mobile network connectivity”. Countries like China, Hong Kong are not allowing e-sim version of iphone 11, therefore apple has separate A2223 model for this requirements.  whereas United States, Canada has different “radio frequency”, “bandwidth” compare to other nations. So apple has separate model (A2111) for US and Canada.

Apple Inc and TRCSL suggests A2221 (iphone 11) is the best model for Sri Lanka which model has more competibility with srilankan network providers. Further Sri Lanka region’s apple devices are regulated by Singapore Apple. Therefore Singapore model (A2221) is the best iphone 11 option for Sri Lanka users in order to have better network experience.

Why do you choose LuxuryX to buy iPhone 11 in Sri Lanka?

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Every year, over 5000 customers trust us, and we provide them with customer-friendly staff, necessary software support, and purchase-friendly options (LuxuryX allows them to pick up from the store, online purchase, and home delivery within 1-2 days).

So, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today or give us a call to get the best price for iPhone 11 in Sri Lanka.


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Inside the box : iPhone , USB-C to Lightning Cable, Documentation





128GB, 64GB


Black, Green, Purple, Red, White




ZP/A (International version)


Apple Inc

Manufacturing Country

production by China. designed in apple california.


Display 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD show with True Tone


A13 Bionic (7nm+)





Main Camera

12MP Dual Camera (4K)

Selfie Camera

12MP (4K)