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Apple Magic Mouse (2021 -3rd edition)

1 Year Apple care warranty



Apple Mouse 3 Multi-touch surface and Best Price:

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The touch-sensitive surface covers the entire front. You can click and right-click as on a standard mouse, but Magic Mouse 2 can do so much more. Scroll in all directions with one finger, and swipe through web pages and images. Scroll to an open document by dragging your finger down the mouse. Double-click with one finger to zoom in an image or PDF document, or double-click with two fingers to open Mission Control, which gives you an overview of all open apps. The mouse detects if you scroll or swipe – or if you just rest your hand on it.

User Layout of 2nd generation Apple mouse:

Maybe you want a specific movement for a command you use often? A double click instead of a single click, scrolling instead of swiping? With Magic Mouse, you can easily set up commands or toggle between right and left clicks using System Preferences.

Battery and charging about Magic mouse 3:

The magic mouse 2 has a built-in Li-ion battery and you therefore do not need to buy new batteries. Plug the mouse into the Mac’s USB port via the included Lightning cable. The mouse is fully charged in approx. 2 hours which gives up to 1 month battery life.

magic mouse 2 side picefront imgae : magic mouse 2 best price sri lankaback image of apple mouse 2apple magic mouse 2inside magic mouse 2 - charging cable

Wireless connection:

The magic mouse 3 connects to the Mac via Bluetooth with a range of up to 9 meters. Avoid adapters and cable clutter on the desktop.

Compatible with:

Macs with Bluetooth, MacOs 10.11 or later.

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